• Wulian Guolei Stone Co., Ltd. was established in 1999.Guolei Stone is a stone manufacturer specializing in granite,sandstone and limestone processing and producing. Following the development trend of international stone market, our company keeps exploring new resources, developing new products and enhancing quality and comes to be a corporation which integrates quarrying ,stone-processing,stone-designing, exporting and technical service.  

    Guolei Stone possesses several granite, sandstone and limestone quarries and also has our own processing mode for granite,sandstone and limestone series. Meanwhile, we are the exclusive supplier for Nero Fantasy (granite) and Wenge sandstone. The unique texture and decoration effect gains a very high reputation in market. Gray sandstone, Yellow wooden sandstone, Green sandstone, Red sandstone, Purple sandstone, Chinese portoro, Cappuccino limestone, Colorado, Lotus Pond, Cream Rose and China Blue are available, offering you more choices for stone colors. Since May 25th of 2013,our factory moved to Wulian Stone Industrial Zone, our new factory has high standard of modern industrial production plant, with more than 100 sets of advance equipment. We equipped two sets of slab automatic calibrating & polishing lines,1 set of tile calibrating & polishing line,1 set of resin line, 5 sets of diamond gangsaws which are available to cut both granite and marble,etc. We can hone,polish,brush,flame,chisel bush-hammer,sandblast antique slabs of various sizes.Our products include countertops,stone panels ,sinks, fireplace mosaics, culture stone and other abnormity stone products to meet varieties of demands of domestic and international different construction styles. Our products gain very broad market in Europe,America,Canada,Mexico,Middle East, Southeast of Asia, Australia,etc.

    Aiming to protect the environment, we equip some more facilities such as water recycle system, dustproof machines to make sure no stone dust and contaminating water released. Meantime, we have complete solution of backfilling in the quarries. Guolei Stone is one of the sponsors and drafter of new standard for stone cleaning production organized by the China Stone Material Association.

    Our unique resources, advanced equipments, skillful processing techniques and strict quality test would guarantee us to be a stable and reliable supplier of natural stone.

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